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Come Grow With Us

We are accepting applications for our 2024-25 program year!


For an application, contact

Is Planted where you could grow next?

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Is Planted for you?

Do I want to know God better?

Whether you've grown up in the church or just become a follower of Jesus, you want a deeper relationship with Him, and you are ready to dedicate structured time to growing to know, trust, love, and obey Him more.

Am I ready for what's next?

The next step after high school and the transition to being a competent adult can feel daunting. You'd love to take intentional time to study God's Word, work with your hands, and gain practical life skills so that you can be more prepared and have greater clarity for whatever is next.

How do I think I'll grow best?

At at time when people are more disconnected than ever, you think you would thrive in the context of a small, tight-knit community. You'd love to learn about God and his world experientially and see first-hand how creation and farming illustrate God's truth and declare his glory. 

Who do I want to become?

Maybe you have questions about who you are, what you should believe, or how you are to live, and you're persuaded that searching God's Word honestly for answers with like-minded fellow students and mentors will spur you on to grow in clarity, confidence, courage, and compassion as you follow Jesus. 

Do I want a challenge?

You feel ready to step out of your comfort zone, get away from home, and have fun on some new adventures. You're not afraid of hard work, deep relationships, getting outside, unplugging from technology, or the sometimes painful process of personal growth--or at least you're willing to accept the exciting challenge with God's help.

You were made to be

What makes Planted's year of discipleship unique?
Talk with us!

We'd love to talk further to see if Planted might be the right fit. We want this to be a well-informed, Spirit-led decision for you. 


Thanks for submitting!

David Feister, Executive Director


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