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We believe this 9-month learning and growing experience in a small group setting will be transformational for you. We also are working hard to make it affordable for you. And so...

  • All of our staff are missionary supported

  • Your work on the farm and for the camp is designed to help defray some of the program costs

  • We are thankful for the generous kingdom investment of the body of Christ that allows us to keep student costs low

Planted Cost


Tuition - $4,750

Room and Board - $4,450


Student Trips - $2,700


Student Activity Fee - $250



Total Cost of Planted - $12,150


You can help us keep Planted affordable by becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry or contributing toward additional scholarship funds. Please visit the Giving page.

Want to reduce your cost further?

Bring a friend to Planted - Both you and the student you recommend to Planted each save $500.

Early decision - We waive your student activity fee when you pay your deposit by May 1st.

Ask about a scholarship - We don't want cost to be what stops you from coming. Some churches and individuals contribute specifically toward student scholarships.




What other costs I should be aware of?  The cost above covers basically all the costs of the 9-month program. Students will be responsible for having basic outdoor gear and a list of required books. Donated gear or books may be available.


Can I earn college credit at Planted? Planted is not independently accredited nor accredited under the umbrella of a university. This allows us to keep our costs lower (since students are not paying the school's credit cost) and enables us to maintain more discretion over our program and curriculum. However, students who are interested in pursuing further schooling may receive credit for some of their classes at Planted from certain colleges and universities. Contact for more information.


Can students at Planted receive federal financial aid or student loans? No, because Planted is not formally accredited either independently or through another institution, students are not eligible for federal financial aid.


Are there any scholarships available? Making a year at Planted affordable for students and families is very important to us, and we are even now at work building a scholarship fund. We believe that scholarships will be available even for this coming 2022-23 program year. Similar to staff at Planted, students may also raise support from friends and family to help cover Planted's cost or seek sponsorship from their local church for this year of training, equipping, and service.


Can I bring a vehicle to Planted? Yes, having a car is helpful for getting involved in the life and ministry of your local church as well as exploring the Wellsboro area during free time. Having a vehicle is not required.


How many hours a week will we be working? Students will work on the farm about 2 hours a day on average. When combined with classes, reading and assignments, trips, and ministry in their local church, students will not have time for additional work off campus.

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